motivational | April 19, 2016

New Videos: Motivation from the Rink to the Boardroom with Karl Subban

Few parents have accomplished what Karl Subban has. All three of his sons—P.K., Malcolm, and Jordan—have been drafted to the NHL, having defied the odds and bested thousands of other hopefuls around the world. And Subban, a former school principal, was there 100 percent of the way to inspire and motivate them. Now, as a keynote speaker, Subban shares his winning formula with audiences from all walks of life. In the videos here, Subban delivers what he’s known for: stirring, uplifting discussions filled with purpose and practicality.

In our first video, Subban recalls how he took an aspiring hockey player under his wing, bringing him to “P.K.’s Hill” in Centennial Park, Toronto, and telling him to run until he couldn’t any longer. When the young man was too tired to continue, Subban dispensed his timeless advice: “Don’t you ever forget this feeling that makes you want to stop, that makes you want to quit. That’s what life will do to you. There’s a price to be paid for success.” As he did with his sons, Subban preaches commitment and a lifelong dedication to realizing your dream.

And once you conquer that dream, what do you do? Simple—you find another one and keep going. Subban stresses personal development: work as hard at becoming a better human being as you do chasing your life’s ambition. “If your dream is to be the best lawyer you can be,” says Subban, “and you’re not working in parallel to be the best person you can be, good luck.”

In the next video, Subban imagines potential as a stool with three supporting pillars, representing your dream, your beliefs, and your actions. Without all three, he argues, your potential wastes away. But what is potential, that ill-defined x-factor we’re all told we have? And how does it help us? According to Subban, “My potential lies inside me. It gives me the ability to reach for something, to become something better. My potential, my abilities, my talent—they lie inside me, and they give me the confidence to persevere.” By holding onto our dreams and not wavering in our belief systems—and reflecting both of these in our actions—we unlock our true potential.

And in our final clip, Subban brings his life lessons to the workplace. How do we improve job performance? How can we bring out the best in our co-workers, and in turn, how can they do the same for us? The key, Subban says, is a focus on meaningful personal relationships. Get to know your colleagues, spend time with them, communicate that you truly care about them—and the results will follow.

With keynotes that are in equal measures humorous, rousing, and life-affirming, Karl Subban is a new—yet already seasoned—voice on the speaker circuit. 

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