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New Videos: Brian Scudamore’s Unique Entrepreneurial Vision

Brian Scudamore is the entrepreneurial force driving 02E Brands—the banner company behind the four unique organizations 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, WOW 1 DAY PAINTING, You Move Me, and Shack Shine (with a combined revenue of $150M). But he’s also a punchy keynote speaker—a recognized thought leader who offers clear advice for entrepreneurs, marketers, and business leaders looking to articulate their vision and build a culture around the right people. As these new video clips demonstrate, his thoughts on attitude, passion, and empowerment come with vivid anecdotes and useful takeaways—and could mean the difference between bankruptcy and a billion dollar company.

In our first clip, Scudamore talks about the early days of his business endeavours. He explains how, by dropping out of school and committing to his fledgling company, he was able to focus and direct all his energy into one successful idea. The key, he reveals, is having the right attitude: if you have a compelling story, an optimistic outlook, and a little luck, your concept can catch on. For Scudamore, a simple call to The Vancouver Province set up his early company “The Rubbish Boys” with some much-needed free press (eventually, he’d be featured by Oprah for the same infectious energy). Proof that with commitment, focus, and a positive attitude, nearly anything is possible: you just have to take the necessary risks.

Much of Scudamore’s success with O2E Brands has to do with hiring, training, and empowering the right kind of people. As the next clips details, he started out with a tiny, overworked staff, only to be forced into rebuilding and re-staffing as his business grew. This taught him two core lessons: to never compromise on the quality of his personnel, and to systemize training practices in such a way that even a one-page summation of best practices could empower new teammates to replicate success. “You find the right people, and you treat them right,” he tells audiences. Simple guidelines, but high standards—making for a winning combination. 

In the final video below, Scudamore describes how rapid booms for his company led to a major crash around 2006. By the recession, he’d laid off 52 people, questioned his own ability to succeed, and looked to sell the business. But this dark turn also proved incredibly instructive; it allowed him to take a closer look at himself, his strengths, his goals, and his passions. As he explains, he literally made two sets of lists: one of things he was good at, and enjoyed, and the other of all the things he didn’t enjoy, and wasn’t so great at. This sparked the realization that he needed someone else—an executor, or instigator, to cover all the tasks he couldn’t. Today, he operates his business according to two-in-the-box, excecutor/visionary model, in part based on Gino Wickman’s insightful book Rocket Fuel

Years after this essential separation of tasks, things are brighter, happier, and more profitable than ever, proving that having the right person for the right job is absolutely crucial. 

In fun, entertaining, and energetic keynotes, Scudamore outlines how anyone can approach their company and industry with the same revolutionary zeal that have made his companies so successful. For more information on booking Brian Scudamore for your next keynote event, contact The Lavin Agency speakers bureau.

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