innovation | December 13, 2018

New Lavin Speaker Safi Bahcall Wrote the Book on Loonshots: Big, Innovative Ideas That Change the World

Safi Bahcall is a physicist and entrepreneur who’s spent his career studying “loonshots”: the wild ideas, widely dismissed as crazy, that end up changing the world. In Loonshots, his much-anticipated new book on the subject, Bahcall uses illustrative historical examples and bold analysis to reveal the surprising ways that group behavior stifles radical breakthrough—and how creatives, entrepreneurs, corporations and visionaries can restructure to nurture it. 

Based on Loonshots, Bahcall’s talks explain how teams of good people with the best intentions can kill great ideas, and how the science of phase transitions—think water becoming ice—holds the key to nurturing loonshots. Human groups have a phase transition, he says: “Being innovative has nothing to do with the individuals … a molecule of water doesn’t sit around and just decide, ‘I’m going to be a solid today,’—it requires the right parameters. And there are a handful of parameters that can change the property of groups, and transform a group’s ability to innovate.”

Innovation Keynote Speaker Safi Bahcall: Innovation Isn’t a Solo Act: It’s a Group Effort


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