leadership | August 30, 2017

How Does a Liberal Arts Major (and Woman!) Lead 3,500 Engineers (Most of Whom Are Men)? Minette Norman on Radical Empathy

The VP of Engineering Practice at Autodesk—a world leader in software tech—is neither an engineer nor a man. She’s Minette Norman, a liberal arts major and new Lavin speaker whose unique perspectives on leadership initiated the company’s transformative culture change.  

She achieved this by creating an environment of meaningful connection and radical empathy: where vulnerability, compassion and emotion are seen as strengths; where real relationships and collaboration are rewarded. This is a stark difference from what’s normally seen in the tech world, but it worked. At the helm of Autodesk’s localization services team she doubled the number of releases, halved the cost of each release, and was subsequently asked to create this culture for all of the engineers at the company.  


“There’s so much complexity to leadership,” says Norman. “It goes two ways. It’s not just managers telling their staff what works, but staff telling their managers what works.” Norman brings this spirit of generosity to her keynotes, mining her own personal struggles and successes to empower leaders of today and tomorrow to forge their own paths and make things better.    


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