corporate culture | March 29, 2019

The Voice of Reason From Fyre (the Netflix Doc about Fyre Festival), Marc Weinstein Talks About How To Learn from Failure

One of the benefits of everything going up in smoke? You learn how to avoid making that kind of fire—or Fyre Festival—again. Entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and start-up advisor Marc Weinstein is known as the voice of reason from Fyre, the Netflix documentary about the unparalleled disaster that was Fyre Festival.  

A Wharton graduate and former investment banker, Weinstein mines both successes and crises to produce a powerful message of mindful entrepreneurship. You can learn from mistakes before they’re made, engage ethically and meaningfully with the attention economy, and push back against the pressures of “toxic entrepreneurship.”


Listen to him explain how the infamous Fyre Festival failed so tremendously and what everyone should learn from it.

How Fyre Festival Failed | Marc Weinstein


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