entrepreneurship | February 06, 2019

Want to Make Your Hard Work Work Harder? Harvard Business School Professor Laura Huang Says You Need to Create an Edge.

How can we make our paths to success a little easier? We all have biases working for and against us, says Laura Huang, one of the top business school professors in America and author of the hotly anticipated book EDGE (2020). Whether it’s a natural confidence (or lack thereof); established networks (or no professional connections at all), if we learn what these biases are, we can strategically empower ourselves—in other words find our edge—and create personal success. 

In the video below she discusses one of the business world’s most harmful biases—why female entrepreneurs face tougher questions from venture capitalists—and offers solutions to combat it.  


QUICK TAKE: Wharton prof entrepreneurship Laura Huang on gut feel in angel investing, biases & hacks


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