reza aslan | November 22, 2019

Forbes Interviews Rainn Wilson and Reza Aslan on Their New Podcast, Metaphysical Milkshake

Author, activist and actor Rainn Wilson and religious studies scholar, television host, and writer Reza Aslan talked to Forbes about their new soul-searching, philosophically engaging podcast, Metaphysical Milkshake.

It’s the first podcast produced by SoulPancake, the media company co-founded by Rainn Wilson that is dedicated to bringing positive, meaningful content to the world wide web. On Milkshake, Wilson and Reza Aslan regularly go all the way down the rabbit hole into the deep, yet universally accessible questions that make us all human. With exciting and unexpected guests each episode (like a worker’s rights activist, a death doula, or even Mike Schur, creator of the hit show The Good Place), they’re breaking new ground in the podcast world with their unique subject matter.


Though both spiritual people at their core, they often have vastly different takes on the topics they discuss. “We see the world in the same way, but we have some different views on these big metaphysical questions, which allows for some conflict,” said Aslan to Forbes. “We take the questions seriously, but don’t take ourselves seriously.”


In these times of moral outrage and questionable politics, we need wisdom, critical thinking, and engagement with what we want to be, as human society. “It’s crucial for us as a culture to ask these questions. Too many of the questions being posed in our culture are Democrat vs Republican, red state vs blue state, but these larger questions are for everyone,” said Wilson.


Metaphysical Milkshake doesn’t ignore the political, but it’s main focus is on the broader philosophical basis of what makes us human. Questions like, how are we connected? Why are we here?: those are the questions that really matter.  As Wilson said, “If we dig into these questions, that will help us answer the question of what divides us,”—and from there, we can learn how to come together.


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