corporate culture | August 26, 2019

The Power of the Ask: Introducing New Lavin Speaker Wayne Baker

When we ask for help, miracles happen. This is the belief of Wayne Baker, a management professor, company co-founder, and author of the upcoming book All You Have To Do Is Ask. Supported by his award-winning research at the University of Michigan, Baker’s book shows us that the most powerful tool for success is our network. 

Our individualistic society tends to prize self-sufficiency to a fault. We’ve been conned into believing that asking for help is a negative; that it tells others we’re weak, ignorant, incompetant, or selfish. Wayne Baker shows us how to overcome our skepticism and ask for what we need, when we need it. Proven, practical, and effective, his tools show us how to phrase a meaningful question, identify the right people to pose it to, and how to tap into the giving power of our networks. Building a culture of reciprocity in the workplace, where people are willing to ask and receive help freely, is crucial to both happiness and success. 


Building a Culture of Reciprocity | Wayne Baker


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