artificial intelligence | May 31, 2019

Broadening the Definition of AI: Introducing New Lavin Speaker Radhika Dirks

Artificial intelligence today has the remarkable capability of mimicking human intelligencebut what if we could create technology with a different type of intelligence to our own? Quantum physicist and entrepreneur Radhika Dirks believes that by broadening the definition of AI, we will realize the full potential of human ambition.

Radhika Dirks is the co-founder and CEO of XLabs, the world’s first “moonshot factory for AI.” She defines a moonshot as something that first changes the perceptions of reality, and then changes reality itself. By incorporating moonshot thinking across our industries, Dirks believes we will become the leaders of the next era of humanity: The Intelligent Age. 


Dirks talks aim to end the ambiguity and confusion surrounding artificial intelligence, therefore articulating its value and advancing its progress. In her brilliant talks, Dirks uses examples of her lab’s technology to illustrate the far-reaching possibilities of artificial intelligence and quantum computing. Dirks argues that rather than being redundant, this emerging technology would complement and elevate human capabilities. “The future is not just man,” she says, “but man super-powered by machines.” 

What Does AI Tell Us About Humanity? | Radhika Dirks


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