corporate culture | December 01, 2020

Thrive While Working Remotely: Introducing Lavin Speaker Alexandra Samuel

Love it or hate it, remote work isn’t going anywhere—at least not anytime soon. So why not learn how to thrive while doing it? Lavin’s newest speaker, Alexandra Samuel, is a technology strategist, data journalist, and author who has spent the past two decades working from home. In her talks, as well as her new book Remote Inc., she reveals the secrets and habits of remote professionals that will transform the way you approach your work. 

The companies and organizations that are trying to replicate the physical “office” in this new era of working from home are setting themselves up for failure. Instead, new Lavin speaker Alexandra Samuel encourages us to discover the many different benefits of remote work. Her upcoming book Remote Inc., co-written with productivity expert Robert Pozen, reveals how an entrepreneurial approach can make remote work both productive and enjoyable. By embracing the habits and independence of a small business owner, readers will learn how to focus on their goals rather than a 9-to-5 schedule; prioritize their time in an efficient way; make online meetings purposeful and engaging; and build great relationships through online collaboration.


Equal parts entertaining and actionable, Samuel’s must-listen talks synthesize years of remote work experience to help audiences find a balance between work from home, and life at home.


To book speaker Alexandra Samuel for your next virtual event, contact The Lavin Agency today, her exclusive speaker’s bureau.  

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