education | July 02, 2013

Net Generation Learning: Michael Furdyk Launches Future Friendly Schools

Last week, education speaker Michael Furdyk announced the official launch of Future Friendly Schools. Students of the Net Generation (born after 1980) live much more plugged-in lives than those of generations past. And in a highly globalized and technology-rich world, the way they live needs to match up with the way they learn. Furdyk's certification program is designed to help schools bridge that gap. It acts as a roadmap for directing learning into the 21st century.

Participating schools sign up for a year-long certification process that focuses on bringing global citizenship, student voice, and environmental stewardship to the forefront of the curriculum. The program also helps participating schools incorporate information and communications technology and project-based learning into their classrooms. "We're building a community of schools committed to becoming living laboratories for innovation in teaching and learning," Furdyk tells the Wall Street Journal, "[schools] who are interested in collaborating with their peers to drive student engagement to new heights." The world is changing, and Furdyk believes it's time for the education sector to catch up.

A pioneer of the Net Generation, Furdyk has harnessed the potential of technology into several successful ventures. He's the co-founder of TakingIT Global—often referred to as the social network for social good—and a consultant, board member, and advsior to several Fortune 500 companies and other well-known organizations. Furdyk is also a sought-after speaker and has presented at events for The United States Government, Microsoft, and, most recently, he keynoted the International Society for Technology in Education conference. The way we live, learn, and interact with each other is more technologically driven than ever before. With Furdyk's help, your organization can seamlessly navigate these changes and capitalize on the interconnected future ahead.

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