innovation | October 25, 2012

Neri Oxman: Using 3D Printing To Breathe New Life Into Design [VIDEO]

As part of her recent exhibition, "Imaginary Beings: Mythologies of the Not Yet," and in her other work, Neri Oxman has been collaborating with a team of design experts to—quite literally—breathe life into typically static design. Making extensive use of 3D printing technology, Oxman is attempting to bring technology and design together with nature. Rather than creating tools and technologies that "subtract materials," she instead focuses on "growing materials." Using this 3D printing technology, she has been able to showcase the possibility of material objects to grow, change and think; allowing them to alter their forms and function like organisms found in nature. The ability to truly transform design and its benefits can be, according to Oxman, largely attributed to advancements in 3D printing.

"I think 3D printing has really brought about a revolution in design that is equivalent perhaps to the printing press revolution," she says in this video interview. "Without a doubt, the 3D printing revolution is democratizing and revolutionizing the way we do fabrications." The ability to expand materials through 3D printing allows designers and scientists to control that growth process, says Oxman, which could lead to truly transformative changes to the way we live. In her talks, Oxman is deeply passionate about the potential that exists in the technologies of the future. She uses examples from the work she does at MIT to explore new ideas and future possibilities. Always thinking outside the box, Oxman inspires audiences to not only think about the future, but about how we can change it for the better.

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