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Neri Oxman: Collaboration Turns Information Into Knowledge [VIDEO]

"Communication with people was the way to generate knowledge," says Neri Oxman in a recent interview. "We are all exposed to certain information in the environment, but coming together and expressing that information is what turns that information into knowledge." At a recent speech at the Conneticut Forum, Oxman did just that—providing her insights on science, innovation and new models of design, as well as sharing her revolutionary work with the audience. Recently featured as the cover story in Wired, Oxman's work is avant-garde, intriguing, and practical. In the Wired article, she explains how she is working on creating one of the largest 3D printers in the world and that the project was largely influenced by the way that spiders spin webs out of silk.

Inspired by nature, much of Oxman's work is based on the lessons of biomimicry, which looks to nature for design inspiration. In an interview given at the Forum, Oxman explains that many great ideas are formed through collaboration and sharing ideas with others. She also says that interacting with brilliant young minds is important to making scientific breakthroughs. Getting fresh perspectives opens up new ways of experimenting that we might not have thought of otherwise, she says.

Oxman's work exists at the intersection of art, science, architecture, and ecology. She creates practical and revolutionary design solutions that work with nature—rather than against it. She proposes thinking beyond the surface of an object by analyzing how it "behaves." In her talks, she advocates the importance of adapting sustainable, nature-derived concepts to address the most pressing challenges we are faced with in industry, as well as in our daily lives.

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