motivation | September 22, 2013

Monday Pick-Me-Up: Beyond Motivational Speakers Series #1

Mondays can be tough—the weekend has come to an end far too quickly and we're now settling in for the long work week ahead. If you're having trouble getting into the groove, check out our motivational speakers series. Today, we'll kick-start things with Drew Dudley: a popular speaker on motivation, inspiration, leadership, and mental health. Dudley's keynotes are uniquely crafted to make the audience laugh,sometimes bring them close to tears, but leave them, ultimately, feeling uplifted and ready to seize the day. He doesn't give a "typical" motivational talk filled with cliches and tired anecdotes to "be all you can be." Rather, he shares true stories of inspiring people that helped change his outlook on life and success. He presents nuanced, practical, and entirely hopeful takeaways by sharing stories the audience can relate to. To see Dudley in action,  check out his "Everyday Leadership" TEDx talk (which has gotten over one million all-time views) embedded above. You can also look to his speaker bio page to find more of Dudley's keynote videos. 

To book Drew Dudley as a motivational speaker, or, to talk to one of our team about any of our other speakers contact The Lavin Agency Speakers Bureau. 

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