arts and pop culture | February 05, 2013

Mira Nair: "The Power Of Cinema Is That Everything & Everyone's Important"

With numerous international awards and an Oscar nod under her belt, it would be easy for Mira Nair to take all the credit for the success of her films. However, the formidable director says that it takes an army to make a good film—and everyone's role in the process attributes to the final product. "The power of cinema is that everything is important, everything is democratic," she explains in a recent interview about the way she runs her film sets. She likes her crew to operate like a family that works together and values everyone—from the extras to the stars.

She says that she often takes part in group activities like yoga before a call time and invites everyone to join in to create a sense of camaraderie between the people working on set. When each person feels like they are contributing, and that their contributions are appreciated, it makes for a better film. In her keynotes, Nair often discusses the art of film-making and the importance of having a solid crew to help bring your vision to life. Her projects tackle important issues of identity and bridges the gap between different cultures. As talented in front of an audience as she is behind a camera, Nair teaches us how film can combat stereotypes. It is a medium capable of bringing diverse groups of people together—both on and off the screen.