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A Free Market Requires Free Will: Michael Casey Discusses Shoshana Zuboff’s The Age of Surveillance Capitalism

Celebrated author, journalist, and entrepreneur Michael Casey joins Demetri Kofinas on Hidden Forces to discuss how a loss of faith in our financial institutions—and the rise Surveillance Capitalism—act as a driving force in the remaking of the modern world. 

Michael Casey first reviewed Shoshana Zuboff’s The Age of Surveillance Capitalism for Coindesk, writing  that the book would be a “defining text of the age.” A meditation on the growing ability of corporations to predict and control human behavior, The Age of Surveillance Capitalism was recently longlisted for a McKinsey Business Book of the Year.


Casey revisits Zuboff’s book in his conversation with technology entrepreneur Demetri Kofinas: “It’s not only about how we are having our data extracted from an analytic perspective, but then [how it’s] being turned back on us,” Casey says, explaining why it initially captured his interest. What are the economic implications of such a system? Casey dives deeper. “A free market requires [...] free will,” he says. The idea of surveillance capitalism suggests “we would actually be diminishing [free will] and effectively becoming a part of the machine.”


Casey and Kofinas go on to discuss how surveillance capitalism affects cryptocurrency, why our trust in central banks has waned, and the potential for blockchain technology to achieve social impact goals. You can listen to their full conversation, here.


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