mental health | January 22, 2013

Mental Health Awareness Week: Speaker Michael Landsberg Found His Calling

Most people know Michael Landsberg as the charismatic face of TSN's Off The Record. While sports reporting is a big part of his life, the mental health speaker said he's found another outlet that is just as fulfilling for him. As the opening speaker for a Mental Health Awareness Week event, Landsberg shared his inspiring story of dealing with anxiety and depression. And, how giving these presentations has become an important part of his career. "It’s new to me in the past year, but over the past year I think I’ve done a lot of these events and the more I do, the more I want to do,” he says. "If you ever had something in your life that you could say 'that’s my calling,' I would say this is it because now when I leave here I will feel like, you know what, maybe I made a little difference in someone’s life."

At the event, Landsberg spoke frankly about his own struggles with mental illness. Afterward, he opened up the floor to a question and answer forum where he encouraged the audience to share their experiences, as well. As he explains in many of his talks, it is important to remove the negative stigma associated with mental health—and having open and honest talks about it helps to achieve that goal. Landsberg also approaches his talks on the subject in a novel way. Instead of presenting a purely somber talk, he injects humor and lighthearted anecdotes into his speeches. While he treats mental health awareness as a serious issue—he also finds a way to make the discussion positive and engaging for the audience.

Landsberg has become a trusted voice on the subject, and his fun and interactive talks are popular with a myriad of different audiences. He shares personal anecdotes and life stories to liven up his speeches, and encourages audience interaction. Landsberg customizes his talks to fit his audiences, ensuring that all of his presentations provide takeaways that resonate long after the event is over.