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Is Your Company or Project Headed for a Meltdown? Take the Quiz! (And Read the Critically Acclaimed New Book)

Meltdown: How Our Systems Fail and What We Can Do About ItANDRÁS TILCSIK and CHRIS CLEARFIELD’s groundbreaking new book on the nature of modern meltdowns and how they can be avoided—has already been named one the Financial Times best business books, one of Indigo’s hottest new reads, and has garnered a glowing Kirkus review.  

The well-reviewed book provides the basis for their provocative, solution-driven keynotes, packed with useful information, thoughtful anecdotes, and hard-won humor, considering the gravity of the topic. András Tilcsik, named one of the world’s Top 40 professors under 40, is an Associate Professor of Strategic Management at the University of Toronto’s prestigious Rotman School of Management. His theoretical perspectives are an engaging foil to Chris Clearfield’s high energy, real world takes from the perspective of international consulting.


“It turns out that everyday meltdowns—failed projects, bad hiring decisions, and even disastrous dinner parties—have a lot in common with oil spills and mountaineering accidents. Meaning that dentists can learn from pilots; marketing teams from SWAT teams,” say Tilcsik and Clearfield. Meltdowns all share the same DNA. Which means that, no matter what their industry, audiences come away from these keynotes equipped with the knowledge of how to avoid a meltdown.


Take this quiz to find out if your company, organization or project is heading for a Meltdown.


Risk Management Speaker András Tilcsik: Less Room for Error Means More Room for a Meltdown


András Tilcsik and Chris Clearfield are two of Lavin’s premiere business strategy keynote speakers. Learn more about them, or other business strategy speakers here.   

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