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Effective, Actionable Leadership Advice from Drew Dudley’s New Book This Is Day One

It’s been a week since Drew Dudley’s This Is Day One hit the shelves, and readers can’t get enough of his sound, actionable advice. From tricks to replying to infuriating emails to developing your personal leadership philosophy, here’s a round-up of Dudley’s best, most recent leadership guidance.

  1. 1. “Remove the word ‘just’ from your vocabulary—oh I’m just starting out; I’m just middle management; I’m just a receptionist; I’m just a bus driver. Every time we use the word just to describe what we do and who we are, we give people permission to expect less from us.” 

  2. Via CBC.

  1. 2. “Leaders are catalysts in the expansion of capacity for other human beings: an expansion of their rights, an expansion of their opportunities, an expansion of their skills, knowledge, confidence and self-worth. There is another group who achieve business and financial success, fame and influence not by being catalysts for the improvement of others, but through a relentless focus on their own self-interest. These people aren’t, and shouldn’t be called leaders.” Via Entrepreneur.  

  3. 3. “Here’s a list of five overused words and phrases that can diminish your effectiveness and impact as a leader...” via Inc.com.

  5. 4. “These are six key values and accompanying questions that will immediately stimulate personal leadership values...” via Forbes.


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