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Get Smarter This Summer: Crucial Books by Lavin Speakers on McKinsey’s Summer Reading List

McKinsey’s annual summer reading list is back, featuring books from world-renowned thinkers and doers—including some of Lavin’s very own speakers. McKinsey’s summer reading guide is curated by leaders around the globe: Nobel Prize winners, CEOs, founders, and more. If you’re looking to get smarter this summer, check out the big ideas below—and the revolutionary thinkers behind them.

Jason Feifer’s Build for Tomorrow

“Jason distills down lessons from the world’s most successful change makers. Conversations we all wish we could have personally but are fortunate enough to share in through his wonderful storytelling.”

— Neil Hoyne, Chief measurement strategist at Google

Jason Feifer’s forthcoming book is a guide to resilience and using the power of change to our advantage. As the editor in chief of Entrepreneur magazine, Jason has learned firsthand how to find the value in disruption. Pulling the best wisdom from the smartest minds in business, he shows us how to adapt quickly and skillfully to the challenges—and opportunities—of the future.


Erin Meyer’s No Rules Rules

“[I found] this book fascinating as it challenges traditional thinking on leadership. It explores why a global company needs a global culture and how to drive change by focusing on the customer.”

— Daisy Veerasingham, President and CEO of the Associated Press

From unknown DVD rental service to billion-dollar streaming giant—what can we learn from Netflix’s meteoric rise? Along with Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings, Erin Meyer reveals the unconventional philosophy behind the company’s success. A leading expert on global workplace culture, Erin shows us how we can learn from companies around the world to build fast, flexible, and innovative teams.


John List’s The Voltage Effect

“The idea of scaling a business is a misunderstood idea, frequently distilled down into metrics of sheer size and volume. A leading economist shares his approach—grounded in real-world examples—to the opportunity.”

— Neil Hoyne, Chief measurement strategist at Google

Why do some good ideas fail when we try to scale them up? Award-winning economist John List uses human data to help organizations grow. He knows the secrets behind making good ideas great, and great ideas grow. Drawing on his experience helping the world’s biggest companies, like Lyft, Uber, Google, and Walmart, John provides a practical guide to producing good ideas, and making them big.


Seth Stephens-Davidowitz’s Don’t Trust Your Gut

“Seth is one of the most creative miners of public data out there today.”

— Alan Murray, CEO of Fortune Media

When we make decisions, we tend to go with our intuition. But Seth Stephens-Davidowitz says that we’re going about it all wrong—following the data instead can help us make better choices and get happier. A New York Times bestselling author and former Google data scientist, Seth reveals the hidden stories behind the numbers, proving that data can be helpful, funny, and most of all, human.  

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