marketing | January 11, 2015

Mastering the Art of Public Speaking: Ryan Holiday

In his latest piece for Thought Catalog, Ryan Holiday offers his advice for public speaking: 50 tips for mastering the art of the keynote address. Holiday is a leading media strategist whose campaigns have been studied by YouTube, Twitter, and Google, and covered in Fast Company, Ad Age, and Gawker. He is also a prolific writer and reader, the author of three books, and a highly sought-after speaker who has delivered keynotes around the world. "I’m not going to talk about affect or persuasion techniques because I think that’s all crap," he says. "I’m going to talk about how to deliver a message in a way that feels authentic and actually leaves the crowd with something they can use." Here are a few highlights:

  • Tell stories. They are all people remember. Stories also the most powerful way to make a point.


  • Share what you know. Don’t hold back. When I do marketing keynotes, I try to go through real and complete case studies from my career. When I speak about philosophy or strategy, I try to give real, honest information about my own life and what I’ve studied. Stuff your talk with real hands-on strategies and tactics you’ve used–don’t worry about holding back.



  • Slow down, man. Slowing down is always good advice.



  • If you lose your place mid-speech, don’t panic. Take a beat and go to the next story or example you know. You can always backtrack with your slides (this is why I always ask for a clicker when I talk).



  • Every time you get on stage is a chance to get better. Remember that.



  • Ask questions to people who’ve seen you talk. What did you like? What did you not like? What can I do better? The talks I am going to give this spring are going to be better than the ones I gave last summer because I sought out and applied feedback. We can always get better.

Read all 50 of Holiday's tips here.

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