artificial intelligence | November 27, 2018

Martin Ford’s New Book Reveals the Truth About AI, From the People Building It

Are we close to human-level machine intelligence? How will it impact on the job market, the economy, and society? What should we be concerned about, capitalizing on, and planning for? Martin Ford, New York Times bestselling author of Rise of the Robots and one of the world’s leading AI speakers conducted in-depth, wide-ranging interviews with the brightest minds in the AI community. The result is his new book Architects of Intelligence, available now.  

With interviews from esteemed futurist and author Ray Kurzweil to pioneering academic Geoffrey Hinton, Ford’s book is “an invaluable opportunity to learn from some of the most prominent thought leaders about the emerging fields of science that are shaping our future,” says Al Gore, former Vice President of the United States. More advance praise comes from The Financial Times, which named it one of the best technology books of 2018. 


Watch Martin Ford’s mainstage TED talk, which has been viewed almost three million times: 

How we'll earn money in a future without jobs | Martin Ford


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