artificial intelligence | January 09, 2018

A.I. Expert Martin Ford Explains What Investors, Managers, (and Everyone Else) Need to Know About the Robotics Revolution

Martin Ford is one of the world’s leading A.I. speakers. He’s the bestselling author of Rise of the Robots and his TED talk has been viewed over a million times. Ford’s latest keynote breaks down some of the key tech underlying this revolution for non-tech audiences, and explains exactly what it means for everyone’s future.  

Historically AI has occupied the realm of science fiction, but now it’s on the brink of disrupting everything. How exactly did we get to this point? What are the relentless advances and tech adaptations that are powering it? Should we be worried? Excited? Can we even prepare? In this talk Ford explains deep learning and neural networks, robotics, machine learning, self-driving vehicles, and software automation in clear, non-technical language, and explains exactly how these developments will impact the future job and market economy.  


Check out his massively popular TED talk below, on the social implications of the AI revolution. 


How we'll earn money in a future without jobs | Martin Ford


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