science | December 16, 2015

Mars Can’t Be Our ‘Plan B’: Lucianne Walkowicz’s New TED Talk

In this great new TED Talk, Lucianne Walkowicz explains the intrinsic connections between her work as an astronomer and our collective responsibility for saving the Earth. “We’re at a tipping point in human history,” she says. “A species poised between gaining the stars, and losing the planet we call home.”

Walkowicz’s presentation is centered on our renewed passion about exploring, and possibly terraforming, Mars. But as in all her keynotes—talks that translate complex astrophysics into human, personal terms—she clarifies how interplanetary exploration and the noble search for habitable worlds must never come at the expense of our own planetary preservation. In other words, all the stars won’t mean anything if we allow climate change to destroy our home. “If we truly believe in our ability to bend the hostile environments of Mars for human habitation,” she argues, “then we should be able to surmount the far-easier task of preserving the habitability of the Earth.”

Lucianne Walkowicz has been part of several high-profile space projects, such as the Hubble Space Telescope and NASA’s Kepler Mission. She’s also a leader in the future Large Synoptic Survey Telescope. In her keynote speeches she shares the electrifying work she and her teams are doing, and encourages us to be more curious about the mysteries of the universe. Contact The Lavin Agency Speakers Bureau for more information on hiring this speaker. 

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