all the single ladies | August 22, 2012

Making It, After All: Kate Bolick’s Popular Atlantic Cover Story is Now a CBS Sitcom

Kate Bolick’s popular Atlantic cover story “All The Single Ladies,” which was one of the most-read articles on the Internet last year, is being turned into a new sitcom, set to air on CBS, the network that ran The Mary Tyler Moore Show in the ‘70s. Bolick’s highly personal article will serve as the backdrop for the single-camera, half-hour series, about a thirty-something woman who abandons tradition notions of marriage and family—a successful woman who does not "want it all."

There are a growing number of women who don't want the white picket fence home with a husband and 2.5 kids, as Bolick notes in “All the Single Ladies.” This new series will shed some light on the changing notions of modern romance, and what constitutes a relationship in the 21st Century. Co-executive produced by Darlene Hunt (creator of The Big C), it pitches itself to a rapidly rising demographic of career-minded women who are starting to want different things from men, and also, the group of men who want different things from women.

This is a trend that is picking up steam, as Bolick mentions in her writing, her media appearances, and at event conferences where she extrapolates the themes of her work. She will pick up a co-producer credit on the CBS sitcom, which will be a funny approach to documenting a brave, new world where single, unmarried ladies don't necessarily need you to “put a ring on it.”

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