happiness & wellness | November 09, 2021

Lori Gottlieb Adapts Her New York Times Bestselling Memoir Into a Practical Guide

Psychotherapist Lori Gottlieb captured the hearts and minds of millions with her smash hit Maybe You Should Talk to Someone: a memoir revealing powerful stories from inside her therapy room. Today, she releases its groundbreaking companion guide—a step-by-step process for discovering our most authentic life stories.

“Part of getting to know yourself is to unknow yourself—to let go of the limiting stories you’ve told yourself about who you are so that you can live your life, and not the stories you’ve been telling yourself about your life,” explains Lori Gottlieb. With the release of Maybe You Should Talk to Someone: The Workbook, she offers readers new concepts, thought-provoking exercises, and compelling writing prompts, all in the service of helping us become the editors of our own lives.


“An experience, a meditation, and a practical toolkit” combined into one, the Maybe You Should Talk to Someone workbook offers a revolutionary method for understanding which stories to keep and which to revise.


Available everywhere you buy books today.

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