ted fellows | August 22, 2012

Looking at Extreme Weather: Photographer and Environmental Speaker Camille Seaman

"I'm trying to articulate that humans are not separate from nature," says environmental speaker Camille Seaman. Seaman is a TED Fellow, a photographer, and Lavin’s latest signing. Her work captures the harsh beauty of our powerful yet fragile natural world, from the polar regions to the tornado-riddled South. Through her exhibitions, workshops, and keynotes, Seaman intimately connects audiences to the ecosystems around them.

Born to a Native American father and African American mother, Seaman draws on her own background to engage with her surroundings. "I approach photographing icebergs as if I'm making portraits of my ancestors," she says. On stage, Seaman is impassioned about closing the gap between our society and mother nature: "As an iceberg melts, I am breathing in its ancient atmosphere. As [it] melts, it is releasing mineral-rich fresh water that nourishes...life."

Seaman's current project concerns the beauty of natural environments in Siberia. Since 2003, her work has concentrated on the fragile environment of the polar regions, shooting the wildlife and the wild weather that accompanies it. Her exhibitions have been met with high praise worldwide, and her keynotes are sought after by artists and laypeople alike.

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