innovation | October 16, 2012

Listening Is The Key To Success: Innovation Speaker Douglas Merrill [VIDEO]

“Innovation is entirely about watching your users and listening to what they want,” innovation speaker Douglas Merrill says in an exclusive interview with Lavin. “You can build great products simply by doing what your customers tell you." As the former Chief Information Officer at Google—where he was the head of innovation for a company that dominates the world with its truly innovative practices—Merrill knows a thing or two about helping businesses grow and adapt. While the word innovation is thrown around a lot, Merrill says that if you are innovating for the right reasons, success will follow. 

“Companies shouldn't innovate simply to make change,” he argues. Rather, “companies should innovate in order to win. To win new markets, to win new customers, to beat your competition.”

Instead of building new products without consulting your customer, Merrill, now the CEO and Co-Founder of, says you should be seeking out ways to meet their unique needs. When you listen to what the customer is asking for, you can create a product that is truly useful. And sometimes, you can even beat out the competition by filling a need that no one else has thought of yet. In Merrill's talks, he presents forward-thinking perspectives on business strategy and seamlessly targets his keynotes to his audience—providing concreate ways to help your company innovate, listen, and win.