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Let’s Talk About Millennials: Lavin Speakers on the Next Generation

Millennials are now the largest generation in America—80 million and counting. A flurry of stereotypes surrounds them: they’re entitled, they’re fickle, they’re married to their smartphones. But like it or not, the millennial generation is starting to climb the corporate ladder, and is slowly eclipsing Gen X and Baby Boomers in terms of purchasing power. How can workplaces adapt to a new cohort of workers? How can marketers sell to a generation so wary of being sold to? These keynote speakers talk millennials: their habits, their beliefs, their values—in essence, what makes them tick. 

Jessica Kriegel: Think You Know Millennials? Think Again.

To Jessica Kriegel, author of Unfairly Labeled, the aforementioned stereotypes have to go. They’re clunky, inaccurate, and they boil down a very large, very diverse subset of the population to a few choice characteristics. For a more harmonious work culture, streamlined communications, and more effective leadership, we need to see millennials as people, not statistics—and the same goes for all generations, not just the newest.


Randall Lane is the editor of Forbes magazine. From his position at one of the most influential business publications in the country, he sees a nation of young innovators and disruptors—millennials changing the game. Lane is witnessing something astonishing: for the first time in history, it’s a professional advantage to be young. And as the creator of Forbes’s “30 Under 30” list and their “Under 30 Summit,” he knows it firsthand.


Atlantic senior editor Derek Thompson sees millennials as outliers. They’re the most educated generation in history, yet the most underemployed. They’re taking longer to finish university, living at home well into their twenties, and starting their careers later. And here’s the fallout: major purchases like cars and homes are in decline. How should the economy respond to a generation without precedent? Thompson, a keen observer of culture, politics, and economics, can tell you.


Content Strategy Insights: Reaching the Millennial Demographic

Social entrepreneur Dave Wilkin is the founder of, a wildly successful peer-to-peer mentoring service that connects industry leaders with youth entering the workforce—and today, that means millennials. Not only is abandoning generational stereotypes the right thing to do, thinks Wilkin, but it’s just good business. If we can engage and empower young people, we can foster the next generation of leaders and drive the economy.


Heather Payne talks Ladies (and Gents) Learning Code

Heather Payne is the founder of two growing tech companies—Ladies Learning Code, which runs coding workshops for women and girls, and HackerYou, Canada’s first programming bootcamp. Named one of Women’s Executive Network’s “100 Most Powerful Women,” Payne is a shining example of millennial entrepreneurship and an outspoken proponent of digital literacy for all generations.

Jennifer Corriero: Online, How Much of Your Life Is Public?

Jennifer Corriero co-founded TakingITGlobal, a social network that mobilizes hundreds of thousands of today’s youth to effect positive change in their communities. Corriero’s passion is youth engagement—with technology, and with industry leaders in every field. And through her dedication to youth engagement, she’s become an expert on Generation Y. How are they leveraging new tech? What do they value in an employer? In a brand? Corriero’s keynotes tell all.


LS Retail interview with Doug Stephens

Millennials are “picking up the mantle of consumerism,” says retail futurist Douglas Stephens, and already stores are beginning to adapt to their unique shopping habits. By 2017, their spending power will exceed that of Baby Boomers. “This is a different generation with not just different circumstances but different sensibilities as shoppers,” he says—a generation marked by lower-than-average incomes, highly urbanized populations, unrivaled digital interconnection, and penchant for the experiential. Stephens’s new keynote “Millennial Shoppers” is perfect for retailers, marketers, behavioural economists, or anyone interested in the economy of tomorrow.


As millennials steadily enter the workforce, employers, marketers, and co-workers must all be ready to adapt to the newest working generation. The Lavin Agency’s millennial speakers can help them do exactly that. To book keynote speaker Jessica Kriegel, Randall Lane, Derek Thompson, Dave Wilkin, Heather Payne, Jennifer Corriero, Douglas Stephens, or another expert on Generation Y, contact us today.

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