leadership | December 19, 2012

Leadership Speaker Hayley Wickenheiser: An Inspiration On And Off The Ice

2014 may seem pretty far away to most of us, but leadership speaker Hayley Wickenheiser is already preparing to heat up the ice at her fifth winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. Known both for her undeniable hockey skill and her ability to motivate others around her, Wickenheiser is seen as a role model both inside and outside the rink. In a recent CTV profile on the decorated Olympian, her coaches and teammates explained what makes her such a natural leader.

“Her inspiration to be the best in the world inspires everybody around her,” says Danielle Goyette, Wickenheiser's current coach at the University of Calgary. Goyette also says her love of the game and personal commitment to improvement motivates the younger players to play better, and helps the coaches stay dedicated as well. Not only is the four-time medal winner an excellent player and coach, she is also a natural leader in everything she does. One of her teammates, Melissa Zubick, says that: “She pushes everyone on and off the ice and she's definitely a role model in school. Her academics are amazing and everyone can look up to her.” In conjunction with her training, Wickenheiser is currently studying Kinesiology at the University of Calgary in the hopes of becoming a doctor once her playing career is over. Her positive attitude and dedication is clearly infectious, and whether it's in sport, academics, or in the community, Wickenheiser helps everyone around them see their potential and reach their goals.

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