happiness | July 16, 2012

Leadership Speaker Drew Dudley: Overthrow Your Personal Dictator

In a recent article, TEDx favorite Drew Dudley makes an impassioned, and plausible, argument for small acts of daily leadership, a favorite topic of his. We all carry our own "private dictators" with us, Dudley says—the negative voices that "deny us happiness and coerce us into behaviour which pulls value from our own lives and the lives of those around us." How can we defeat our private dictators? Dudley says we must form our own "personal revolutions" to overthrow the notions that we're not good enough. Here's Dudley:

Imagine for a moment we eliminated the rules we feel make sense. Imagine our personal revolutions said it made no sense for us to admire people based on wealth and position. If those things were no longer part of the equation – who would you look up to? Whose life would you envy?

For Drew Dudley, leadership and self-improvement go hand-in-hand. His TEDxToronto talk, which has close to half a million views, was about creating "lollipop moments"—those moments when something you've done has made someone else's life fundamentally better. By changing the definitions of success, desirability, and happiness, we can make leadership a daily endeavor, instead of something out of our reach. We can retake control of our lives, Dudley says. But only if we have the courage to start our own personal revolutions.