lavin weekly | March 31, 2017

Lavin Weekly: 3 Ways to Fight Bigotry, “Full Frontal” Intel, & Photographing a Movement

There must be something in the water, because no less than three of our speakers this week discussed their uniquely humane ways of challenging bigotry. Negin Farsad on the TED Radio Hour, Reza Aslan in The New York Times, and David Sax in The New Yorker all argued for speaking up through different creative means. Similarly, in WiredVirginia Heffernan interviewed the devastatingly funny Samantha Bee about fighting back on her hit show, Full Frontal. Finally, the astonishing LaToya Ruby Frazier spoke with Aperture about capturing images of dissent and hope.

In Part 3 of the NPR TED Radio Hour episode “Painfully Funny,” writer, filmmaker, and comedian Negin Farsad wonders whether humor can undermine Islamophobia—and sets out to prove it.  

Author, scholar, and “Believer” host Reza Aslan talks with The New York Times about why he thinks TV can have a mitigating affect on bigotry (and how it has already).


In The New Yorker, gourmand and trend anthropologist David Sax makes the case that food might be one way to combat the rhetoric of anti-immigration. 


In Editor-in-Chief Nicholas Thompson’s inaugural issue of WIRED, author Virginia Heffernan interviews Full Frontal’s intrepid creative leads, Samantha Bee and Jo Miller about the politics of comedy and the comedy of politics. 


MacArthur “Genius” photographer LaToya Ruby Frazier sits with Aperture’s Kellie Jones to discuss the unfinished work of the civil rights movement, as documented in images of American cities like Flint and Selma.

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