lavin weekly | October 07, 2016

Lavin Weekly #57: Ali, Heffernan, & Crabapple

1. Wajahat Ali Dismantles Islamophobia for The Huffington Post


In a new video for The Huffington Post, Wajahat Ali looks to dispel some of the harmful myths that circulate around Islam in America. The Quran, the hijab, sharia, and jihad—all are elements of everyday Muslim life that have been mischaracterized as violent or dangerous, and Ali is here to set the record straight. The video, while informative and purposeful, remains lighthearted with the perpetually funny Ali as its host. Share away!


2. Virginia Heffernan: We Need to Talk about Bill


Virginia Heffernan, author of the recent book Magic and Loss (WIRED’s #1 summer must-read), writes this week for the LA Times on infidelity in politics—specifically, the fact that Hillary Clinton should feel comfortable addressing her husband’s past mistakes. She says:


If, in the next debate, Donald Trump ventures to ask Hillary Clinton about her husband’s infidelities, I hope she’ll see this not as an attack to be tightly parried but as a lob to be smashed. I hope she’ll see how breaking her silence can help the many women and men who may grieve yet steadfastly refuse to blame themselves, seek their own happiness, and flourish in spite of marital betrayal.


Heffernan writes frequently for a host of major publications, among them Politico and The New York Times. Check out her speaking bio for links to more great articles.


3. TIME Profiles Molly Crabapple


“In this time of information overload, you need ways to speak to people that they’re not already numb to. You need ways to cut through all of that, and art is one of those ways.” These are the words of Molly Crabapple, the captivating artist-journalist and Lavin speaker who documents conflict zones worldwide for publications such as Vice, Vanity Fair, and The New York Times. This week, she’s been profiled in a slick new video by TIME (which you can watch below)—only a few weeks removed from illustrating Jay Z’s stern condemnation of the war on drugs for The New York Times


“Journalism rips art out of that ivory tower and it brings it right back into the mud and the blood and the streets of the world,” Crabapple says. And she should know—she’s living it.



Find Wajahat Ali, Virginia Heffernan, or Molly Crabapple interesting? Book any one of them to speak at your next event—just contact The Lavin Agency, their exclusive speakers bureau.

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