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Lavin Weekly #48: Leibovich, Singer, Crabapple

1. “For This Election, Do It Anyway”: Mark Leibovich on The Daily Show 


Last night, Chief National Correspondent for the NYT Magazine Mark Leibovich joined Trevor Noah on The Daily Show to discuss Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Convention (which Leibovich described as “superbowl-like” and “historic”). As far as elections go, 2016’s has been anything but business-as-usual. Trump’s bizarre shake-up of the GOP has meant that the major speeches at the DNC (by the Obamas, by Bill Clinton, and others) were, as Leibovich put it, “very welcoming to mainstream Republicans”—who he also describes as “ripe for the picking” for an inclusive Democratic party attempting to absorb as many anti-Trump voters as possible. Far from a traditional Dem vs. Rep stand-off, this election has become a strange occasion that sees many right-leaning personalities headed toward the Clinton camp in order to avoid a Trump presidency (Leibovich and Noah joke that the line, “just do it anyway” might be an effective impetus to vote for the Dems). Follow the link to watch the whole interview (beginning at 20:35); Leibovich also shares his thoughts on where things may go from here, and whether Clinton’s policies might shift to the left, post-Sanders. As always, political speaker Mark Leibovich is second-to-none when it comes to parsing what continues to be a unique, galvanizing, and unpredictable election.

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2. “There Are Other Ways to Do Things”: Lauren Singer Talks to The Huffington Post 


Lauren Singer, founder of The Simply Co. and the blog Trash Is for Tossers, dropped by The Huffington Post studios to talk about her journey toward living a waste-free lifestyle. Over the past four years, Singer’s managed to contain all her product-based refuse to a single mason jar: an incredible achievement, and proof that there are ways to combat a culture of excess garbage (and toxicity). Motivated to live out her values, Singer now helps other people make the transition with her inspiring keynotes, her blog, and her all-natural, chemical-free cleaning product company, The Simply Co., which can serve as a first step for others trying to go zero waste. “Through starting a business,” Singer says, “I could actually challenge industries that are making decisions that are really bad for the environment … [I could] challenge the chemical industry, challenge big business—specifically people who are in the cleaning product industry that use toxi chemicals, that use carcinogens … I wanted to show that there are other ways to do things.” If you're looking for an entrepreneur, an environment speaker, and a motivating example for women and students to change our world, look no further than Lauren Singer.

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3. Molly Crabapple Dubs Trump the Tangerine Mussolini in The Guardian 

Writing for The Guardian, author and artist Molly Crabapple continues to cover the presidential nominations with her usual wit and sharp insight. This week, she turns her attention to both legitimate and imaginary grievances of Trump voters, the rising tide of fascism and fear around the world, and our “global summer of violence”: all things that make Trump (or “Tangerine Mussolini,” as she calls him) seem to some like a savior. She shows how the spectacle of the recent RNC plays on old disenfranchisement (and nationalism). And she explains the (limited) appeal of Clinton for the other side: that she is a pragmatic leader who “believe[s] in nothing” but who “won’t make things radically worse.” Ultimately, amid protest and unrest, disillusionment and alienation, Crabapple reminds readers that we can’t limit political engagement to voting (or not voting)—simply showing up to the polls has never been enough. As she writes: “Real politics belong in the streets.” For a politically charged keynote from Molly Crabapple on activism, art, and the role of the engaged citizen, get in touch. 

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