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Lavin Weekly #39: Heffernan, Farsad, Huang, & Francis

1. Virginia Heffernan Talks Trump, The Apprentice, and Embracing the Internet

Virginia Heffernan’s Magic and Loss hits shelves on June 7, but for now, she’s shared some of the book’s key takeaways in a new Medium feature. In “6 Easy Ways to Fix Your Relationship with the Internet,” Heffernan shows us how to make the best of our digital inclinations. Her tips are simple and easy to remember, yet revelatory—don’t demonize yourself for being glued to the screen, rediscover your creative side, let the internet complement and enhance your real life.

Heffernan also stopped by Slate’s “Trumpcast,” where she helped host Jacob Weisberg navigate the seemingly eternal pop-culture phenomenon The Apprentice (countless seasons and iterations, a Martha Stewart spinoff, and perhaps the world’s best known catchphrase), and how it ties into his rise as a Republican presidential candidate. “Not only did we underestimate his capacity to attract people, but we underestimated his will to real power,” Heffernan says. For the full interview, head over to Slate.

2. Negin Farsad’s How to Make White People Laugh Now Available

Negin Farsad is one of a kind: an Iranian-American Muslim filmmaker, a social justice comedian, a TED Senior Fellow—and now, a new author. Her book How to Make White People Laugh arrived in stores Tuesday (May 24), and is already netting praise—Publishers Weekly says “Farsad’s fresh and funny voice is perfect for presenting tactics to fight anti-Muslim sentiment in the U.S., and her work is intriguing and enjoyable to read.” In a recent article for Oprah, adapted from the book, Farsad shares two poignant lessons from her younger forays into acting: hecklers are everywhere, in comedy as in life, and “if you don’t like reality, cast it differently.” To read the entire excerpt, follow the link to Oprah, or watch the book trailer for How to Make White People Laugh, embedded below.

3. Food, Family, and Asian-American Identity: Eddie Huang in TIME, The New Yorker

Eddie Huang is the creative force behind the memoir Fresh Off the Boat and VICE’s culinary-travel mashup Huang’s World, and his legacy is growing by the day. His second book is called Double Cup Love, and it’s the focus of a new TIME interview. In his back-and-forth with TIME, Huang touches on everything from the Michelin restaurant guide to competition between chefs to dating people of different ethnicities. He’s also the subject of a recent culture piece in The New Yorker, which frames Fresh and Huang’s World as iterations of one another—Fresh being Huang’s life with the cameras rolling, Huang’s World a more unscripted, true-life depiction. “Huang is determined to tease out the subtle and not-so-subtle ways in which Asian-Americans give up parts of themselves in order to move forward,” the article says, cementing Huang’s place as much more than a TV host. Make sure to grab a copy of Double Cup Love, which arrives May 31.

4. Inside the Trump-Clinton Circus with Diane Francis

National Post Editor-at-Large Diane Francis has a pair of articles this week on the U.S. primary sideshow. Francis lends her incisive voice to both the Financial Post and The Guardian to explain Trump’s latest moves and to decry his potential presidency.  Citing Trump’s trigger-happiness with the media, lack of judgment in selecting advisers, and baseless attempts at macro-economic policy, Francis concludes that “we have a looming disaster,” adding that “Trump is not the cause but the symptom of flaws in America’s dysfunctional political architecture” (Financial Post). Francis also believes that Trump’s criticism of Hillary Clinton’s misuse of email is excessive—she “doesn’t deserve the slammer or political burial” (The Guardian). Always politically savvy, Francis’s keynotes illuminate emerging tech, U.S.-style innovation, and even explore a potential U.S.-Canada merger.

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