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Lavin Weekly 24: Duckworth, Dolan, Leffler, Prevette, & Prothero

1. Angela Duckworth Previews Her Upcoming Book Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance

You’ve probably watched Dr. Angela Duckworth’s hit TED Talk. In “The key to success? Grit” (now at over 7.8 million views!) she outlines her theory about how ‘grit’—perseverance, tenacity, and passion for long-term goals, often with daily sacrifice and dogged determination—is often more of a significant predictor of success than IQ, looks, social intelligence, health, and so forth. Duckworth’s research makes the leap to full-length book this spring—but for now, you can watch Simon and Schuster’s video trailer for Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance, starring Duckworth herself. Throughout she reveals how grit can often level the playing field amongst people of divergent talents. “Really talented people don’t always stick with things in the long run,” she explains, “and people for whom things aren’t super easy end up in many cases prevailing.” Watch for Grit to hit stores this May 3rd.

2. Fab Dolan Helps YouTube Rack up the Hits 

Marketing Magazine has named YouTube their “Media Player of the Year” for 2015. And for good reason—unless you’re completely removed from all things digital and pop culture, you won’t be surprised to hear that “80 percent of online Canadians watch YouTube every month,” and “young consumers trust YouTubers more than TV or movie stars (49 percent vs. 20 percent) and a whopping 63 would try a brand recommended by a YouTuber.” With that, major congrats are due to our exclusive keynote speaker Fab Dolan—as YouTube Canada’s marketing director, he’s helped direct attention to its rising (and local) stars, generate tremendous advertising revenue, and transform a simple website into a media titan. “As a platform, last year was the year we really turned the corner,” Dolan tells Marketing Magazine. “We’ve always had the audience, and now the foundation is set. There are very few arguments left for you not to think about YouTube at the core of your brand building strategy. This was the year everything was clicking for us for the first time. It was a terrific ride to be on.”

3. Ido Leffler and Sarah Prevette Breathe Some Life into a New Oxygen TV Series

Oxygen Media has dropped new trailers for their upcoming series Quit Your Day Job, starring “consumer products tycoon Ido Leffler [and] start-up advocate Sarah Prevette”—two of our fantastic entrepreneurship and business strategy speakers—who appear as part of a diverse investment club that coaches ambitious and up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Deadline reports that the new series “features aspiring millennial entrepreneurs who receive the life-changing opportunity to pitch themselves and their innovative ideas to the angel financiers. The investment club will use their business expertise, industry knowledge and creative vision to determine which up-and-coming products have the potential to be the next big thing. The investors will provide on-site, hands-on mentoring to the young professionals, who must prove they have what it takes to turn their concept into a viable business.” This sounds like a reality show with actually applicable business advice, and from genuine entrepreneurs with unique stories. Be sure to watch Quit Your Day Job (and Ido and Sarah!) this March 30.

4. Stephen Prothero Provides Illuminating Context for Why Liberals Win the Culture Wars

In this great, extensive interview with Reason TV, religious scholar Stephen Prothero outlines the scope and topical issues of his new book Why Liberals Win the Culture Wars (Even When They Lose Elections). The volume explores “how competing religious beliefs have continually molded our political, economic, and sociological discourse” and shows, with Prothero’s reliable acuity, “how the conflicts which separate us today, like those that came before, are actually the byproduct of our struggle to come to terms with inclusiveness and ideals of ‘Americanness.’” Of particular note throughout this wide-ranging conversation is Prothero’s take on how a candidate like Donald Trump—a man with very little historical religiosity, who’s embraced gambling and divorce—can be so popular among evangelical voters. How can this be? “They’ve forgotten how to be evangelicals,” Prothero says, “and they’ve become Republicans.”

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