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Lavin Weekly #17: Agrawal, Motley, Mercer, & Choir! Choir! Choir!

1. Miki Agrawal Inspires Entrepreneurs and Innovators Worldwide

Miki Agrawal continues to make headlines around the world for her THINX period-proof underwear. Along with twin sister Radha, she was recently named “Social Entrepreneur of the Year”—winning a “2015 World Technology Award”—by the World Technology Network. Additionally, TIME Magazine listed THINX as one of their “25 Best Inventions of 2015.” If that weren’t enough, Good magazine has also featured Agrawal as one of their “17 nonprofit founders, entrepreneurs, and social innovators who are working every day, wherever they are, to turn one of the U.N.’s #globalgoals into reality.” What can we say? The best ideas inevitably get legs! Go Miki!

2. Gear up for Motley’s Law on Al Jazeera America

In the wake of snagging the DOC NYC’s Grand Jury prize, Motley’s Law has been picked up by Al Jazeera America, with a proposed broadcast date of February 2016. The well-received documentary follows Kimberley Motley’s amazing work in Afghanistan, where she works for human rights, equity, and justice within an unstable and often hostile environment. “There is no one else like her,” says a senior VP for AJAM. “We’re proud to share the story of her hard work and dedication fighting for those who need it, and to share a new perspective of what life is like in post-war Afghanistan.” Major congratulations to Motley, as well as to the documentary’s creator, the Danish filmmaker Nicole Nielsen Horanyi.

3. Mercer Makes Wave with Timely and Impactful Rant on Refugees

Canada’s bringing in 25,000 Syrian refugees, but it’s taking longer than some expected. Apparently, we’ll have all incoming refugees identified by the end of December. 10,000 will join us before 2016, with the remaining 15,000 coming in around February. In his usual candid and passionate form, Rick Mercer has taken to a trademark rant to remind Canadians of our obligations to work quickly, and ethically, to make the world a better place. “Look, Canada has been here before,” he says in this hugely popular video. “In 1979, we accepted 60,000 Vietnamese boat people. That’s us: being the good guys. But in 1939, we said no to a ship carrying 960 Jews; we sent them back to Europe. Many perished in concentration camps. That, too, is part of our history. And that’s why it’s so important we get this right.”

4. Help Save a Syrian Family with the Great Choir!Choir!Choir!

Our friends at Choir!Choir!Choir! continue to do good things for both local and international communities. They’ve kicked off a fundraiser to welcome a Syrian family to Toronto by donating a whopping $10,000. Now, they’re reaching out to the community they serve to help them reach a target of $30,000—the funds (barely) necessary to get a family here safe and sound. “I think that when it comes to this particular refugee crisis, people feel powerless to help, as the steps to take can seem insurmountable,” says co-founder Daveed Goldman. “Our hope is that Choir!Choir!Choir! inspires others by showing that making great things happen is possible if you create a strong community and work together.” If you live in Toronto, drop in and meet the gang on December 8 at Lee’s Palace for a special Epic Nights fundraiser for the Ryerson University Lifeline Syria Challenge.

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