leadership | October 17, 2019

Determining Who to Trust: Introducing Lavin Speakers Steve Martin and Joseph Marks

In today’s uncertain world, being truthful and being trustworthy are two different things—a problem that threatens our democracy, society, and the very concept of leadership itself. In their groundbreaking new book Messengers, Steve Martin and Joseph Marks explore the factors that determine who we trust—and why. 

Polarizing media, the rise of alternative facts, and a world filled with overwhelming choice have all led to a collective spike in fear and anxiety. Who should we listen to? Who can we trust?  In Messengers: Who We Listen To, Who We Don’t, and Why, behavioral science experts Steve Martin and Joseph Marks make a compelling argument that, in times of uncertainty, people often fail to differentiate the messenger from the message. This means that seemingly irrelevant factors like wealth, appearance, social status or perceived dominance can influence our thinking and decision-making. It also means that leaders who lie can unfortunately remain trusted by their followers.


Armed with entertaining anecdotes and fascinating research, Martin and Marks reveal the deeper dynamics and qualities of trust, and why—in an era dominated by fake news—it’s essential we understand them. Our communities, businesses, and politics depend on it.


Who Does Society Really Listen To? | Stephen Martin & Joseph Marks | RSA Replay


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