science | October 03, 2017

Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded to Lavin Speaker Kip Thorne for History-Making Discovery of Gravitational Waves

One of the most innovative and influential scientists of our era, Kip Thorne has won the Nobel Prize for making vital predictions to identify gravitational waves and discern their signals from surrounding data. 

Thorne, the Feynman professor of theoretical physics at California Institute of Technology, is one of the founders of LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory), where he and his team made their groundbreaking discovery. Building from a theory anticipated by Albert Einstein, Thorne’s work on gravitational waves is one of the most profound scientific discoveries of modern science, and the subject of myriad articles, art, and TED Talks. The result of an idea that Thorne helped establish more than 30 years ago, this Nobel win marks not just an unprecedented discovery in physics, but a recognition and celebration of Thorne’s tireless work and his ongoing collaboration with the two other founders of LIGO, with whom he shares the distinction.


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