creativity | June 24, 2019

Creating Great Content Means Taking Risks: Introducing New Lavin Speaker Justin Reves

It’s no secret that social media has rocked the world of traditional advertising. Companies are no longer competing against each other; they’re up against influencers, algorithms, and clickbait content. Digital media strategist Justin Reves has mastered the art of creating content in the digital era, and through his entertaining, high-energy talks, he teaches companies how to take advantage of the competition and win.

Nothing truly great comes without a little bit of risk. When it comes to creating content, playing it safe might be the most dangerous thing a brand can do: “Your company’s social posts have to go toe-to-toe with highlights of everyone’s favourite sports teams, scantily-clad fitness models, hilarious Jimmy Fallon clips, seemingly-millions of vloggers, delicious Tasty recipes, stand-up comics, painful fail compilations, or the endless drove of wild news that this world generates,” explains Justin Reves, the Co-founder and Chief Storyteller at Pidgeon Social.


Reves spent a decade working in traditional advertising, tech start-ups, and private sector marketing before switching tacks to social media. At Pidgeon Social, his digital consultancy firm, Reves guides companies outside of their comfort zones to create memorable and impactful content. He is an avid storyteller with an intuitive knowledge of the digital world, and his work has reached hundreds of millions of people. In his humorous and inspiring talks, Reves shares his practical, data-driven insightsgleaned from years of on-the-ground experience.


To book speaker Justin Reves for your next event, contact The Lavin Agency, his exclusive speakers bureau.

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