| July 26, 2019

Rediscovering Hope After Loss: Introducing New Lavin Speaker Jayson Greene

After a sudden, unthinkable accident, Jayson Greene and his wife Stacy found themselves mourning the death of their two-year-old daughter Greta. Overcome with grief, Greene—a music editor by trade—instinctively turned to writing to help him process the tragedy. In Once More We Saw Stars, the soul-affirming memoir that resulted, Greene opens up about surviving grief, and rediscovering a life of joy and meaning.  

Once More We Saw Stars isn’t just a book for bereaved parents, or those currently experiencing loss. A transcendent memoir written with grace and compassion, Jayson Greene’s book is a universal story that we could all benefit from. By charting his unexpected, turbulent journey through loss, Greene has reframed discussions of marriage, parenthood, hope, and healing in a profound, yet uplifting way.


In his generous, heartfelt talks, Greene draws from his memoir to help us understand how we can confront grief, make peace with suffering, and lead with love.


Choosing Hope Over Despair Is an Ongoing Process | Jayson Greene


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