psychology | June 17, 2019

How Perception Drives Adaptibility: Introducing New Lavin Speaker Beau Lotto

In order to thrive in a changing world, we must constantly adapt. Neuroscientist Beau Lotto helps us identifyand overcomeour evolutionary biases and step into the unknown. His talks feature the principles of perception as a catalyst for organizational change: sparking creativity, innovation, and adaptability.

Beau Lotto is an author, scientist, and Lavin speaker who has dedicated his life to understanding and applying the principles of perception to influence change and expand the way we think. In order to be creative, we must strip away the millions of years of evolution that encourage us to stick to the perceived “safety” of the status quo. In his dynamic talks, Lotto draws upon his own interactive research to show audiences how they can embrace uncertainty. Be prepared to leave his talks seeing the world differently. 


Play Is the Engine of Change. How Do We Harness It? | Beau Lotto
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