social change | December 15, 2015

Lavin Gives: Street Symphony and The Canadian Journalism Foundation

In lieu of giving holiday gifts this year, The Lavin Agency is making donations to two organizations we believe in: The Canadian Journalism Foundation and Street Symphony. These organizations are making a real difference in our world, and have a special relationship to a number of our exclusive speakers.

The Canadian Journalism Foundation promotes excellence in journalism by celebrating outstanding journalistic achievement. The CJF has been dedicated to acting as a catalyst for open and honest dialogue—helping to improve relationships between and understanding of the media and the private and public organizations that are often the focus of media and public attention. A number of the journalists we represent—including John Stackhouse, Robyn Doolittle, and Mohamed Fahmy—have been honoured or featured by this organization.

Street Symphony, founded by Vijay Gupta, creates live, free, on-site musical experiences of the highest artistic quality for people experiencing incarceration and homelessness in Los Angeles County.

The Symphony ensembles perform at LA County jails and homeless shelters in downtown Los Angeles, as well as public events for the community-at-large. They aim to raise awareness for issues of mental health, incarceration, and homelessness. Vijay and the Symphony were recently featured in the The New Yorker’s “Notable Recordings and Performances of 2015” and in the Los Angeles Times.

From all of us in New York, Toronto, Boston, New Hampshire, and Hope, British Columbia, we wish you a joyful holiday season and all the absolute best for 2016.

To health and happiness!

— Your friends at The Lavin Agency