social change | December 17, 2014

Lavin Agency Gives to Vijay Gupta's Street Symphony & Jane Chen's Embrace

In lieu of holiday gifts this year, The Lavin Agency is making donations to two organizations we believe in: Embrace Global and Street Symphony. Led by two exceptional Lavin speakers, these projects are making a real difference in our world.

Embrace Global, co-founded by Jane Chen, is dedicated to advancing maternal and child health by delivering innovative solutions to the world’s most vulnerable populations.

Embrace are the creators of the Embrace Infant Warmer, a baby incubator that sells for a fraction of the traditional cost and is poised to save millions of lives. The organization partners with clinics, governments, and non-profits to provide warmers to babies in need, and also to education and provide hands-on training to mothers and healthcare workers. Jane and her work at Embrace were recently featured in Forbes.


Street Symphony, founded by Vijay Gupta, creates live, free, on-site musical experiences of the highest artistic quality for people experiencing incarceration and homelessness in Los Angeles County.

The Symphony ensembles perform at LA County jails and homeless shelters in downtown Los Angeles, as well as public events for the community-at-large, aimed to raise awareness for issues of mental health, incarceration, and homelessness. Vijay and the Symphony were recently featured in the Los Angeles Times.

From all of us in New York, Toronto, Boston, Rhode Island, and Hope, British Columbia, we wish you a joyful holiday season and all the absolute best for 2015.

To health and happiness!

- Your friends at Lavin

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