bioterrorism | July 22, 2012

Laurie Garrett Keynotes at NDIA Biosurveillance Conference

Health speaker Laurie Garrett will talk about an important matter of national health and security at the major NDIA Biosurveillance Conference, in Washington, at the end of August. Garrett, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, will open the concerence, focusing on the shortfalls and inadequacies of our nation's biosurveillance procedures—a key topic that has been front page news several times this past year. The issues facing our national program include: lack of funding and “actionable” information, gaps in communcation and collaboration between local and global teams, and the absence of federal responsiveness needed to implement things effectively. As part of the conference, Garrett will have a chance to argue if the system will be better prepared by the year 2017, and what we need to do in order to be in such a position.

A Polk and Peabody-winning author and a member of the National Association of Science Writers, Laurie Garrett is a leading thinker in public health, infectious diseases, and prevention. In her writing, and on stage, she deftly navigates the science and politics behind today’s health threats—such as bioterrorism—and offers solutions to the most daunting issues facing healthcare in North America, and worldwide. With her finger on the pulse of global healthcare, Garrett’s keynotes are frank and sweeping, and constantly evolving to keep pace with today's major health concerns. She brings her audience immeasurably closer to understanding the challenges—and potentially great solutions—our healthcare system faces.

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