entrepreneurship | January 28, 2020

When Hard Work Isn’t Enough: Business Professor Laura Huang Helps Us Find Our Edge

In her debut book Edge, Harvard Business School professor Laura Huang busts the myth that hard work alone will get us to our goals. Instead, she teaches us how to find our “edge”—the unique qualities that set us apart—and open doors to money, time, and connections.  

Wouldn’t it be nice if career advancement was directly linked to how hard we work, or the skills we possess? Unfortunately, the reality is more complicated than that. Biases, stereotypes, and perceptions of who we are often get in the way of our success—even if we’re the most qualified for the job.


As a business professor who studies early entrepreneurship, Laura Huang has seen her fair share of failure. But we needn’t give up because the obstacles are stacked against us, she says. Instead of letting other people’s perceptions limit us, we can actively shape those beliefs—in part by recognizing our own strengths and flaws—into a competitive edge. “Life isn’t fair. We can’t just wait around for people to make the right decisions for us,” Huang explains. “So how do we take all the disadvantages stacked against us and flip them in our favor to succeed within an imperfect system?”


Huang’s book Edge: Turning Adversity Into Advantage (Out Today!) draws from award-winning research on entrepreneurial intuition, persuasion, and implicit decision-making to show us how to strategically turn our shortcomings into assets.


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