innovation | September 12, 2019

Can UBI Equalize the Playing Field for Entrepreneurs? Harvard Professor Laura Huang Explains

In her latest op-ed, Harvard Business School professor Laura Huang explains how Universal Basic Income will revolutionize the start-up world for those who are systematically disadvantaged.

“Second chances are one of the biggest hurdles for those who are disadvantaged. They just don’t receive them,” Laura Huang writes in a new op-ed titled ‘The Significance of Andrew Yang’s $1,000 Plan.’ “Part of what is embroiled in disadvantage is that you don’t get to take as many risks—that not everyone ‘gets’ the same number of chances to fail. If you’re a Black woman and someone takes a chance on you, the expectation is that you deliver; that you prove yourself. If you don’t deliver, you often don’t get another chance. So there is less willingness to take chances.”


We openly discuss failure as being part of the journey to success, but we tend to gloss over the fact that not everyone has the same chance to fail. Presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s plan to provide government-sponsored payments—totalling $12,000 a year—could be profound. According to Huang, “It is his way of giving everyone the startup capital they need for their ‘Startup of Me.’”


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