cybersecurity | February 24, 2020

Security Expert Laura Galante Speaks on Solving the Psychological Piece of the Cybersecurity Puzzle

As the former Director of Global Intelligence at FireEye (previously Mandiant), Laura Galante exposed some of the most sophisticated Russian and Chinese cyber espionage happening to U.S. corporations. Today, she speaks on how we can solve this enormous, unprecedented problem in human history. 

The landmark APT21 report revealed the alarming extent of China’s cyber threats to our nation—and since then, we’ve been admiring the problem, says leading analyst Laura Galante. But how do we start solving for it? “As enormous as this question of disinformation is, we have to start looking at our roles as security professionals, as executives, as people in an industry that’s now grappling with a completely new set of environmental factors,” she explains.


This means thinking about more than the threats themselves. It also means examining the attention economy we’ve built, the way it profits off of incidentiary content, and how the proliferation of that content has changed the way we consume information in general. Galante notes: “[We have to think] about how we change the incentive structure around that attention economy.”


Watch the full clip below.


Solving the Psychological Piece of the Cybersecurity Puzzle | Laura Galante


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