social change | August 29, 2012

KIVA Expands to India. The Microloan Site Co-Founded by Jessica Jackley Keeps Growing

KIVA, the peer-to-peer microlending site co-founded by business speaker Jessica Jackley, has recently extended its reach to help alleviate poverty in India.

A $25 dollar loan can provide individuals living below the poverty line (which defines 68 per cent of India's population) with the capital to start—or grow—their business, and create a sustainable income. The company has partnered with three socially driven nonprofits—People's Forum, Mahashakti Foundation and WSDS-Inititiative— to service those with no other access to credit.

Jackley's entrepreneurial vision attributed to the exponential growth of the social benefit website, which, to date, has provided $1 Billion worth of loans since its inception in 2005. As shown on the moving data visualization map on their YouTube channel, they have successfully made over 4 million connections between borrowers and lenders to date.

Starting from a seed planted while using her first laptop (documented in a recent Best Buy commercial), Jackley has since attained the skills and business-savvy to speak to both Fortune 100 companies and college businesses classes alike. Her onstage energy—and her deep well of entrepreneurial smarts—comes across in her conference speeches that motivate attendees to harness their own potential, and that of others, and to enact positive social change around the world.

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