tech at work | April 03, 2011

Keeping Fast Company: Amber Mac's New Show on Streamlining Your Work Life

When does Amber Mac, the busiest woman in tech and social media, ever rest? This week, she launches yet another high profile project, Work Smart for Fast Company. The new webcast is all about productivity and streamlining your work life — a topic that clearly resonates with Amber: last month, she launched another new show, App Central, on the Business News Network; she also continues to host her critically lauded webcast commandN, run her Web consultancy MGI Media, and do her fair amount of international speaking.  For Work Smart’s kick-off episode, Amber sits down with Guy Kawasaki to talk about his new book, Enchantment, which shows people how to influence literally anyone in their lives, from bosses to cab drivers. “The art of enchantment means you can use a process to change people’s hearts, minds, and actions,” Kawasaki tells Amber. “And I don’t mean in a manipulative way. I mean in a mutually beneficial, long term, delightful way.” An influencer of some note herself, Amber Mac continues to chart, with an unmatched zeal, the way new technologies and strategies are changing the way we communicate at home and at work.

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